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The National Tour of《Those Things of Endocrinology》

2016-09-21 10:33

The first stop of national tour of hosted by AME and sponsored by Waveguider was held on 16th,July,2016 in Guangzhou. 
《Those Things of Endocrinology》 was composed by hundreds of domestic and foreign outstanding endocrinologists with many years of medical and clinical experience, and released by AME. Many famous doctors shared the stories and experience on endocrinology department and helped audiences to learn more about endocrinology. As a sole organizer and sponsor, Waveguider made a significant contribution to this tour.
Waveguider introduced it’s latest advanced continuous glucose monitor(CGM) to the attendees on this tour. Endocrinologists gave a high evaluation of this CGM and expressed the intention to cooperate with Waveguider about CGM. We believe the CGM from Waveguider will bring benefits to thousands of diabetes patients and help them to better diabetes management and improve the quality of life.