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Waveguider Assisted TBSI &Open FIESTA 2017 Postgraduates To Enroll Student For Summer Camp

The joint admissions summer camp held by TBSI & Open FIESTA has started already. At the beginning of the activity, president Yu from Waveguder who is one of the member of TBSI was invited to share industry experience with the students. He introduced Waveguider and mobile healthcare industry, including industry development history, current situation and prospects for the future. Most of the students are masters and PhDs, some of them are from wearable research laboratory, some come from big data laboratory. A variety of interactive topics aroused widespread resonance although they are from different industries.
Additionally, Mr. Yu also shared his own entrepreneurial experience, as most of the students come from top universities around the world and they plan to start their own businesses in the future, even to be the leader of industry, so they showed great interest in Mr.Yu’s experience and had a lively discussion.
Waveguider Technology are always committed to providing global customers with competitive goods of mobile healthcare industry. Meanwhile, we also cooperate with institutes of higher education to train industry leader and reserve force. We make our efforts to contribute to society.

      Finally, wish you have a wonderful ten days in summer camp!