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MEMS Sensor Chip Make Great New Breakthroughs

2015-07-23 09:49

       MEMS with optical waveguide sensor chip and the system R&D made great breakthroughs ,and just reach an agreement for the initial cooperation with one domestic company and two public companies in America. 14th Feb. national ministry of industry published the “The 12th five-year development plan of IOT”: “Support will be focused on joint R & D of the  sensing element sensor , micro and nano-fabrication manufacturing and smart integrated system ,so that we can achieve the goal to make the sensor new ,small and smart” Focused on the development“ The application of the IOT on the aspects of security ,electricity ,traffic ,logistic ,medical ,environment protection” .It matches our products and application completely ,it marks we will take a place in the 200 billion IOT field of the following several years.