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The Real-time News of Waveguider in FIME2013

2015-07-22 04:30

 FIME introduction:
              FIME in Miami, Florida, USA . Florida is located in the southeast of America. Medical products importing & exporting is one of the most important economy in the stats. Meanwhile, The manufacture of Medical products is one of the most important industry in Florida.  Every year a session, FIME has more than 20 years history since it was first proposed in 1990. In 2012, More than 1000 companies come from more than 90 nations and more than 50000 buyers attended the FIME.
             FIME be named one of the fast developing 50 exhibition by ‘Trade Show Weeks’. It is the biggest renowned and professional medical exhibition in the southeast of America and Medical field.In 2007, FIME be add into the international purchase project made by America business association.Region and internationality both are the main features of the FIME. Miami adjoinwith Caribbean Sea. Except the exhibitors and professional buyers from Florida , FIME attracted a lot of exhibiting companies and buyers with the advantage of special geographical position .Look back to the history of FIME, the exhibition is highly praised and expected by almost all of the exhibitors. In order to provider a better life for human beings,FIME not only be positioned as the best display place of companies, but also bring the innovational ideas and technology into medical products and service field.
          From 7th to 9th , August 2013, Waveguider attend FIME with the newest international smart terminals series.The display series products : Portable medical smart terminals, Remote medical smart terminals, Wearable healthcare smart terminals,etc. All of the products containing revolutionary and innovative ideas are much appreciated by most buyers from America and other countries.
           During the visit to US FIME, the product concepts of Waveguider was very popular. Only revolutionary innovation can be appreciated by American and European market. Waveguider have already taken the first step on the journey towards to European and American market.